"Transfoming lives to reflect the beauty of Christ".

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Glorious Chapel International is helping to change a generation with the word of God, through revivals and evangelistic outreach crusades. As we travel across the country and through the radio proclaiming Jesus Christ as the head of the church and the manifested word of God; our goal is to reach those that are hurting, torn, broken, bitter, saddened and in search of a better way of living. (Isaiah 61:1).

When you partner with GCI you are helping to send the gospel to the far ends of the world setting the captive free and bringing deliverance to those that are bound. Your commitment to GCI is really a spiritual one, because everyone that hears the Good News through this ministry has to thank God for you.

What Is A Partner?
A partner is one who shares responsibility in some common activity with another person or ministry. The scriptures unequivocally declare that the principal way of partaking in the anointing that is on a person or on a ministry is by partnership with that person or that ministry. We are confident that when you become a partner with us, the life-changing, debt-destroying anointing that is on this ministry, will come upon you, your home and your ministry.

What Is Our Part?
Pray on a daily basis that God's blessings be upon you
Study and diligently seek the word of God.
Periodically offer you special gifts from the ministry, designed for your spiritual edification and growth
Send you a copy of our monthly messages, a quarterly publication magazine of Glorious Chapel postage paid, free of charge.

What Is Your Part?
Pray for us on a daily basis to effectively carry out the heavenly mandate for this ministry.
Always uplift the ministry, our Pastors, and their families with the words you speak.
Support us financially with your tax-deductible monthly pledge as the Lord leads and prospers you. "Not that I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account" -Phi.4:17.

If you will like to partner with this Ministry, kindly do so by making use of our bank details as stated below:

Glorious Chapel International Bank number: 5027881
IBAN: NL29INGB0005027881


O.S. Asubiaro
Bank Number: 3563.19.776
IBAN: NL 96 RABO 0356 3197 76
3011 GB Rotterdam

God bless you as you do so.

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