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Getuigenissen (Testimonies)

Jezus genees jongen van hartkwaal.
Jesus healed young boy from heart disease.
De Here God is Groot, God bestaat echt.

Ik ben Raidison Martina, en ik ben 9 jaar oud. Mijn moeder heeft nooit gedacht of gedroomd dat zij mij zo groot zou zien worden. Ik ben geboren op 11-11-1999. Ik ben geboren met 26 weken en 3 dagen. Doktoren van het Clara en Sophia ziekenhuis hadden besloten om mij eerder te halen, omdat ik een hartafwijking had, en ik niet meer groeide. Dokter van Stroppel van het Sophia Ziekenhuis stelde voor om mij gelijk na mijn geboorte te opereren anders zou ik niet meer leven. Maar mijn moeder heeft de operatie geweigerd. Ze zei dat zij mij 26 weken gedragen en mij steeds gevoeld heeft. Mijn hart stopte en klopte niet meer.

Doktoren hebben mij gereanimeerd en hebben mij 24 uur te leven gegeven. Mijn moeder antwoordde dat zij God geloofd, dat haar baby in leven zal blijven. 5 jaar lang was er strijd. Elke maand was ik het het ziekenhuis. Ik was een kind dat 4 soorten medicijnen innam voor mijn hart en bloed. Op een dag kwamen wij een vrouw tegen met haar 2 kinderen. Zij vertelde aan ons dat ze naar de kerk gingen, en ik vroeg aan mijn moeder of ik mee mocht naar de kerk. Zij vond het goed. Jezus zegt in Matt. 19:14 "Laat de kinderen tot mij komen.”  Ik ging naar de kerk en Pastor Ola heeft gezegd dat iedereen die speciaal gebed nodig heeft naar voren mocht komen, en ik heb het gedaan. Ik heb Pastor Ola gezegd dat ik niet meer ziek wil zijn. Ik wil beter worden om normaal te kunnen spelen en rennen met andere kinderen van mijn leeftijd.

Op 14 juli 2005 ging ik voor controle in het ziekenhuis. Deze datum zal mijn moeder nooit meer vergeten. Dokter van de Veen, cardioloog en Dr. van Stroppel kwamen naar mijn moeder toe om te vertellen dat ze niet kunnen begrijpen wat er met mij is gebeurd, maar dat ik geen hartoperatie meer nodig had. Vanaf die dag word ik " wonderkind"genoemd. Jezus heeft mij genezen. Amen. Wij danken God voor zuster Jani die wij ontmoet hebben. God bestaat echt en Hij doet nog steeds wonderen als je in Hem geloofd. Geef je leven aan Jezus. Hij kan ook wonderen voor jou doen. Amen.

Broeder. Raidison Martina.

The Lord God is a Great, God really exist.

I am Radison Martina and I am 9 years old. My mother has never thought she would see me grown up. I am born at 11-11-1999. I was born after 26 weeks and 3 days. The doctors of the St. Clara Hospital and the Sophia Children’s Hospital decided to force my parturition because I had a heart disease and I lacked growing. Doctor Mr. van Stroppel of the Sophia Children’s Hospital suggested to have surgery right away on my heart if not I would live. However my mo refused to give her permission for this surgery at that time. She said she has carried me for 26 weeks and still felt that I was there. My heart came to a hold and has no beat anymore.

Doctors has given me CPA and gave me 24 hours to live. My mother however responded she believe God that gave her the baby will keep him alive. For over 5 years there was al lot of struggle and battle. Every month I went to the hospital. When I was 4 years I had to engulf 4 different kinds of medicine for heart and blood. At a certain day we met a woman with 2 kids. She told us she goes to church and I asked my mother if I could go with them, and my mother gave the permission then I went with them to the church. Jesus said in Math. 19:14 “ Let the children come onto Me.”  So I went to the church and Pastor Ola told the congregation that  there is somebody here with a special request for prayer to come to the front and so I did, I told Pastor Ola that I do not want to be sick anymore. I want to get healed so I can play and run like the other kids of my age, and I was prayed for and he told me that mother should take me for a check up because he believed that Jesus has healed me.

On July 24th, 2005 we went to the Hospital for a periodical review. This date my mother will never forget. Doctor Mr. van der Veen, cardiologist and doctor Mr. van Stroppel met  my mother and told her that they do not understand what had happened and they told us I don’t need a heart surgery anymore. From that day I became a nickname “ Wonder kid” . Jesus has healed me. Amen. We give thanks to Sister Jani who we had met. God really exist and He still do miracles if only you believe in Him and give your live to Jesus. He can do a miracle for you as well. Amen.

Brother. Radison M.

Look what the Lord has done for me.

I want to thank God that I have my children with me again. The Govermental Childprotection Association took my children away from me. Nothing worked to get them back untill I came to Glorious Chapel International. The Pastor prayed with me and God heard our prayer and they gave back my kids.

Sister. Euredice.


Healed from hyperventilation and fear.

Before I met Jesus I was a tortured spiritually and mentally by her husband. Even my mom couldn’t help me out. So I divorced and I stayed with two kids behind. Then life became rough and tough. When my mom passed away my life turned into a disaster and the burdens became too much, so I lost control. I had no sense to live any longer. I took a lawyer to write a will (trusteeship) for my senior sister to take care of my two children after I may have commit suicide.

Suicide seems to be the only solution. I planned to jump down from the four story building, to sleep at night I needed to switch on all lights. This was the fear I had for the darkness at night. I was completely filled with fear and I hyperventilated. I have breath problems and I heard voices convincing me I couldn’t do anything right, there was no one that love me and I had no value at all. For over 7 years I was treated and by the Psychiatric Association (RIAGG), but without any success at all. I used medicine to get a sleep. When I sleep I hear those voices again. On a certain day I was prepared to jump out of the window but another voice spoke to me to ask my neighbour where she is going at that point. I received her response that she is going to the church.

I felt the hug and pressure to go with her. When I came to the church a voice told me “Give your life to Jesus, so I can save you.” and so I did and I became saved. Now I have no negative feelings anymore and there is no need to use any medication at all. After 3 mounts I became baptised. Now I am in church I felt powerful in the Lord and I can deal with all issues again. God saved me and He cleansed me from all of my sins. I am so glad God take care of me every day. I love God for He is good.

I will never let Him go, He is my Rock on who I can hold on. I thank God for all what He has done for me and my kids. I confess in this testimony that you can’t do anything without God. Without God you’ re nobody. He is everything for me. God is good. He is the Almighty. He can save you, if you let Him into your hart. He is the only One who can help you. Thank you dear Lord. Thank you Jesus for everything You has done for me and that You will go to do in my life.

Sister. Danchala F.


Jesus healed young woman from blood cancer.
Three years ago the doctors discovered I had cancer. The doctors told me I had 0% chance to live, but by the prayer of faithful people God has healed me. That is why I gave Him all the glory. By the blood of Jesus I am healed. Maybe the doctors told you the same thing, or maybe you are struggling with some situation you cannot deal with? Don’t give up. There is hope in Jesus. God has the solution. He can do it for you, what He has done for me if you let Him into your heart and give Him the opportunity.

Sister Martha W.


Jesus gives a new kidney.

I was ill for 4 years, my kidneys failed to work. I went to Glorious Chapel International, to one of the 1st Sunday services healing- and wonder services. Pastor Ola told in this sermon that God will give a new kidney to someone with a kidneyproblem. Knowing Pastor Ola talked about me, so went up to the front for prayer and after that prayer the Pastor told me to have your kidney examoned by the doctor and so I did. The result went out negative and God healed me, even my swollen legs, hands and stomach disapeared. I am free. Praise be to God.
Sister Deborah M.

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