"Transfoming lives to reflect the beauty of Christ".

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Glorious Women of Destiny

Glorious Women of Destiny

Glorious Women of Destiny is a ministry dedicated to building every lady into becoming the virtuous woman. (Sister Rud. Usually called by the women), do this by encouraging every woman to keep first things first there personal relationship with God is there key to success, she also challenge the women to discover a greater sense of purpose through self-development, training, and fellowship opportunities. To be supportive of the ministry through intensive prayer, mentoring and service to God's people. Ladies meet monthly to not only study the Word but also get practical life lesson through seminar on:

Health, Finance, Family, Relationship and beauty care .

Every month you can also hear an inspiring testimony from one the sisters in the ministry as well as exhortation in the word by our very own Pastor Rudsela Asubiaro.

The Glorious Women's of destiny, women ministry has also become acclaimed for their women of Destiny conference. These power packed conference feature world renowned speakers that come to bring their unique ministry to the women of GCI.

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