The Dutch church service is not for the Nigerian pastor Ola Asubiaro. “I saw them thinking: oh dear, where is he from? I spoke to some people after the service and they asked: when are you going back?”

The services are also different here than in Nigeria. “So quiet, I didn’t feel comfortable. In Nigeria, you have to swing, dance and jump. But here in the Catholic Church, they are all quiet. The priest does everything alone and you only have to say amen yourself.”

Christian migrants, such as Asubiaro, are an almost invisible group in society. Yet it concerns more than a million people, about as many as there are Muslim migrants. There are 21 migrant churches in Amersfoort alone.

Asubiaro also decided to establish a church himself: the Glorious Chapel. Praise is sung to the Lord every Sunday in a former kindergarten.