Before I met Jesus I was a tortured spiritually and mentally by her husband. Even my mom couldn’t help me out. So I divorced and I stayed with two kids behind. Then life became rough and tough. When my mom passed away my life turned into a disaster and the burdens became too much, so I lost control. I had no sense to live any longer. I took a lawyer to write a will (trusteeship) for my senior sister to take care of my two children after I may have commit suicide.

Suicide seems to be the only solution. I planned to jump down from the four story building, to sleep at night I needed to switch on all lights. This was the fear I had for the darkness at night. I was completely filled with fear and I hyperventilated. I have breath problems and I heard voices convincing me I couldn’t do anything right, there was no one that love me and I had no value at all. For over 7 years I was treated and by the Psychiatric Association (RIAGG), but without any success at all. I used medicine to get a sleep. When I sleep I hear those voices again. On a certain day I was prepared to jump out of the window but another voice spoke to me to ask my neighbour where she is going at that point. I received her response that she is going to the church.

I felt the hug and pressure to go with her. When I came to the church a voice told me “Give your life to Jesus, so I can save you.” and so I did and I became saved. Now I have no negative feelings anymore and there is no need to use any medication at all. After 3 mounts I became baptised. Now I am in church I felt powerful in the Lord and I can deal with all issues again. God saved me and He cleansed me from all of my sins. I am so glad God take care of me every day. I love God for He is good.

I will never let Him go, He is my Rock on who I can hold on. I thank God for all what He has done for me and my kids. I confess in this testimony that you can’t do anything without God. Without God you’ re nobody. He is everything for me. God is good. He is the Almighty. He can save you, if you let Him into your hart. He is the only One who can help you. Thank you dear Lord. Thank you Jesus for everything You has done for me and that You will go to do in my life.

Sister Danchala F.

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