Glorious Chapel International

Glorious Chapel International is a spirit filled Pentecostal Christian family, (GCI) exists to teach Christian worldwide who they are in Christ Jesus, and how to live a victorious life in their covenant rights and privileges.
This means GCI is committed to:
Proclaiming to people of all nationalities, Jesus Christ as God incarnate and the Only True Way to Salvation.
Raising believers to be well grounded and firmly established in the Word of God that they can also disciple others and raise them to live by the kingdom principle.
Building an army of mature believers to reflect the fullness of the riches and the glory of the kingdom of God.

Equipping believers to excel through Christ and to influence the society and nations.

Leading the born-again believer from milk to meat, living by the principle of faith to enjoy the reality of healing, prosperity and success in all life pursuits.

GCI Vision
"Transforming lives to reflect the beauty of Christ"

Win, Worship, Love, Faith, Obedience, Send.

Our mission is to build a community of victorious and well-equipped believer's actively involved in impacting lives, society and nations.